Masterpiece, London: the calm, before the storm, before the fair…

June 21st is the longest day, and that certainly seemed to be what we were facing when we arrived to see our Masterpiece stand at 8 am this morning.  A dust-covered black hole, lit by a couple of unsympathetic spotlights that revealed difficult-to-reach white marks high up on the walls, miscelleneous debris, and a space that appeared smaller than we anticipated.

Ably helped by our long-term movers from the excellent Aston Spinks, however, the installation soon begun to take shape: wall units secured, mirrors and pictures hung, furniture placed more or less as anticipated (with only a very few deletions on account of space), and objects displayed.  Tomorrow, we shall turn our attention to lighting.

As part of our selection for Masterpiece, we have included a number of pieces of furniture and other works of art that we have not shown before; some of these can now be previewed here on our website.

The overall design of the fair looks very elegant, and now we are looking forward to seeing what others have brought.  Walking towards our stand, we noticed bespoke safes and a Maserati, nestling with baroque bronzes and fabulous folk art.