Ref: 1530
  • Maker

    Manufactured by Hukin & Heath (founded 1855)

  • Detail

    Glass, with silver mount

    17 cm (high)

    English (London), 1897/98

  • Marked

    Fully marked for Heath & Middleton (see right)

  • Provenance

    Private collection

  • Notes

    On the retirement of Jonathan Hukin in 1881, John Heath entered into partnership with John Middleton, although the firm continued to trade as Hukin & Heath.

    An identical decanter dated 1892/93, in the collection of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg (1980/155), was exhibited in Christopher Dresser: Ein Viktorianischer Designer 1834-1904, Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Köln, 1981, cat. no. K. 29.

    A closely related decanter, with dimpled glass and the mark of Elkington, is dated 1883.  The similarities between the Elkington and Hukin & Heath examples suggests a common designer and circumstantial evidence points to Dresser.

    A slightly taller decanter, of similar form, was attributed to Dresser by Harry Lyons in Chr. Dresser People’s Designer 1834-1904, London, 1999, M-038.